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Discuss with your client what kind of services we offer, the benefits of listing with us, and that commission is only paid if we close.

If they are still deciding, see if they are willing to provide details for step 2.


Get the details of the properties they plan to list. This stage will help prepare you for step 3 and step 4. You may skip step 3 if feasible.


Visit the property. Take notes of the condition and if owner is willing for agent to take pictures of the property at this time, then do so. 


Find recent sold similar properties (comps) on MLS to base pricing suggestion for your client


Provide data and suggest price to client.


Client concludes on a list price and necessary terms.


Prepare listing agreement and send to broker to review.


Send Broker approved draft to client for their review, make changes as necessary. If any changes clear it with broker. If everything is good, client and agent signs the listing agreement. Listing date and signature dates are important, best to make listing start date same date as signed agreement. 


If needed take new pictures. Upload listing within 48 hours.

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